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A Classical training imparts to one's life a humanistic meaning, refinement, discipline, and taste.


The secret weapon in successful tutoring is true passion for the subject material. I'm thrilled every time one of my students begins to understand a grammar concept or reads alone, and that enthusiasm for both small victories and language and literature that is yet to be studied is contagious.  

I studied Latin, Greek, and Classical Arabic at Oxford University in the UK and achieved an Oxford MA, Second Class First Division with an Open Exhibition Merit Scholarship. During the course of my studies, I was required to research and read the works of Homer, Herodotos, Thucydides, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Plato, Catullus, Cicero, Caesar, Lucretius, Propertius, Tibullus, Ovid, Vergil, Livy, Tacitus, Horace, Seneca, St. Jerome, and St. Augustine.

I've tutored since 2007 and have worked with over a hundred private one-on-one students, and am familiar with most courses and textbooks. My students regularly get over 700 on the Latin SAT and 5s on the Latin AP. I am a certified Latin AP instructor.


How I Can Help You

Tailored independent Study

One-on-one is one of the fastest & most thorough ways to learn.

Standardized test prep

Standardized Test Prep for US and UK Students

tutoring for students in

latin & GREEK

Coaching for Students Currently Enrolled in a Latin or Greek Course

"The Real housewives of pompeii"

written & performed

by 7th Graders in latin

A group of four girls I was teaching in a small private class learned that they were of marriageable age in ancient Rome and immediately came up with the idea of a "Real Housewives" reality show. We wrote a skit and translated it into Latin. The girls stayed up all night making historically accurate costumes and memorizing their lines. The rest is "history".
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