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Catharine has been tutoring my daughter for Latin AP. Not only is she an expert in the subject, she knows the test very well. She designed a study plan focused on areas to be tested. I have utmost confidence that my daughter will be well-prepared. We intend to have Catharine continue to work with my daughter after the AP test, for the SAT II Latin test in June. Catharine is great with scheduling, very accommodating. My daughter enjoys working with her, and looks forward to her weekly sessions.


Student at Fordham University

Great Latin tutoring.

Catherine is very good. She really helped me with scansion, something I struggle with.  She has a very good sense of the material and how to look at it as to translate the Latin effectively. I have learned a lot.

She is very patient.


Encouraging and thoughtful.

My son is having a difficult time with first year Latin. Catharine is making great strides with him with her patience encouragement. He is starting to improve thanks to her efforts.


Fantastic teacher.

Catharine was so patient and has such a lovely manner to explain the case and reasons to Cyrus which was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her.


Son was student at Columbia University

Catharine has a solid background in both Ancient Greek and Latin languages. She is very reliable and truly enjoys the Classics. We are very fortunate to have found her as a tutor for our son, who is a Junior in University.

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